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Joanna Malinowska
May 3 - July 26, 2010
opening reception: Sunday, May 2, 5-7pm

Knight's Move
44-19 Purves Street
Long Island City
New York, 11101

Thursday - Monday 12pm-6pm



Rey Akdogen
January 28 - February 27, 2010

Rey Akdogen participated in Gelitin, Blind Sculpture

Greene Naftali Gallery
508 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10001
212 463-7770



Hiroshi Sunairi

Leur Existence- Tree Project

(Exhibition December 9 - February 12, 2010)
Opening Reception: December 9, 5- 8:30 pm

The Horticultural Society of New York is pleased to present an exhibition of Hiroshi Sunairi’s Leur Existence – Tree Project, a culmination of the four-year process of collecting and distributing seeds from hibaku trees in Hiroshima, and the network of people that formed as a result. Tree Project will feature live plants, loaned by NYC-area participants, as well as photographic and written documentation of the process.

The Horticultural Society of New York
148 W 37th Street, 13th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Exhibition Details


Joanna Malinowska
Incarnational Aesthetics

(Exhibition October 23 - November 25, 2009)

Incarnational Aesthetics bring together a number of contemporary artists who explore themes of interrogating and deconstructing the boundaries of public and private between self and other through means of embodiment or role play.

44 W 28th Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10001

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Joanna Malinowska and Christian Tomaszewski
A Performa Commission

(Exhibition November 4 -21, 2009)

Polish artist Christian Tomaszewski, in collaboration with video and performance artist Joanna Malinowska, considers how the future was imagined by the Communist regimes of the former Soviet Bloc.

chashama 679
679 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10017

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Margo Victor
The Los Angeles premiere of

The Rotten Rioutous West
(Exhibition October 10 - November 7, 2009 )

The Company presents Margo Victor's first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, featuring the premiere of The Rotten Riotous West.

The Company  
946 Yale Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Exhibition Details


featured performance by Margo Victor

(Exhibition 25 july 2009)

Margo Victor is an artist who works in film, painting, drawing and performance. Victor will create a performance that will act as a live trailer for her future experimental film project.

Similar to her re-interpretation of the western genre with her film: "The Rotten Riotous West," Victor will reference Shakespeare's "Macbeth" using live iconography from the story.

The Company  
946 Yale Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
· Performance in Los Angeles

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Curated by Rosario Moore Arteaga

(Exhibition: 9 july - 26 july 2009)
A collaboration between artists and friends, Ernesto Estrella, poet, and Nyssos Vasilopoulos, photographer.

Teatro IATI
64 E. 4th street
New York, NY 10003
· Exhibition details

Exhibition 211
Rey Akdogan

(Exhibition: 22 june 2009)
A six month project in a vacant storefront.
Initiators: Eric Angles, Nathalie Angles, Elena Bajo, Warren Neidich, Jacob Schillinger
211 Elizabeth St
New York, NY 10013
· Exhibition details

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Kathryn Garcia

(Exhibition: 22 june - 3 july, 2009)
BUTT Magazine presents an exhibition of queer video art that transforms the gallery into a mock porn shop, complete with a three unit video-buddy-booth sculpture screening art films in lieu of porn. Curated by Michael Bullock and Yasmine Dubois-Ziai.
New York, NY

· Exhibition details

Joanna Malinowska
(Exhibition: 2 may - 13 june, 2009)
Joanna Malinowska at "Practice, Practice, Practice" at Lora Reynolds Gallery curated by Michael Smith and Jay Sanders.
Austin, TX

· Exhibition details

· Austin 360 review

Beth Brideau
(Exhibition: 22 april - 27 june, 2009)
Beth Brideau's piece, 28,000' #3, is now part of the Judith Rothschild collection at the MOMA. Select pieces are on view.
New York
· More details
· Moma artist page

Joanna Malinowska
We proudly congratulate our artist Joanna Malinowska for receiving a fellowship award from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation in the 85th annual competition for the United States and Canada. (23 april, 2009)
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Margo Victor
"Data Cowboy " screening and panel discussion at Core Club,
New York
March 2, 2009 , 6.30 pm

· More details
Noritoshi Hirakawa: Seeking A Light
(6 january - 31 january, 2009)
Noritoshi Hirakawa

Paris, France
· For more information:
· More Details

Les aventures dans le code § 120.45
(Exhibition: 22 november - 4 january, 2009)
String Quintet for 2 cellos, 2 violas and a corpse
(Performance : Thursday, December 11, 2008, 7pm)
Joanna Malinowska

For this performance piece, Joanna Malinowska commissioned the young Japanese composer Masami Tomihisa to create an original music score according to a set of instructions provided in an officially signed contract.
Smack Mellon
Brooklyn, NY
· For more information:

What's Mine is Yours (17 October - 03 January, 2009)
Rey Akdogan, Kabir Carter, Bjorn Kjelltoft and Shana Moulton, The Mercury Twins (Emcee C.M., Master of None and Huong Ngo) with the K.I.D.S., and vydavy sindikat (whose name in Russian means 'you and you collective')

Philadelphia, PA
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Silence in the Light (13 September - 11 October, 2008)
Noritoshi Hirakawa, Hiroshi Sunairi, & Arto Lindsay

Tokyo, Japan
· For more information:

Mei Guo (Le Beau Monde) (26 July - 30 AUGUST, 2008)
Amy Kao, Noriko Ambe, Emily Cheng, Chitra Ganesh, Ju-Yeon Kim, and Jean Shin
Contrasts Gallery, Shanghai, China
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Emerging Wor(l)d project (12 June, 2008)
Hiroshi Sunairi

for Tina b. Prague Contemporary Art Festival
Praue, Czech Republic
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La Dioncella at Dark Fair (28 March, 2008)
Joanna Malinowska

by invitation from CANADA, New York
Swiss Institute, NYC

Working Title (7 March - 14 April, 2008)
Joanna Malinowska

featuring Arctic Elvis
Momenta Art, Brooklyn

Sound of Music: War, Beauty, and Survival (13 Feb - 1 March, 2008)
Hiroshi Sunairi

curated by Jan Van Woensel
Commons at NYU, NYC

Video of the Month #33: Out of Touch (1 - 29 February, 2008)
curated by Noritoshi Hirakawa

Video Lounge, Kunsthalle Wien, Austria

20 SPOJRZEN (17 December - 10 February, 2008)
Joanna Malinowska

curated by Agnieszka Sural and Julia Staniszewska
Witryna, Warsaw, Poland

Margo Victor at Venetia Kapernekas
by Saul Ostrow in Art in America, November, 2007, p 221-222.

The Pleasure of Obvious Problems
(4 August - 15 September, 2007)
Meg Cranston

Artspace, Auckland, New Zealand

Come on Pilgrim (13 -27 May, 2007)
Joanna Malinowska

curated by Laura Mott
Bard College Center for Curatorial Studies, New York

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