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Seven Line Drawings (9 May - 13 June, 2008)

The Venetia Kapernekas Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Seven Line Drawings by Picasso, May 9 - June 13, 2008.

Seven Line Drawings by Picasso

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Olivier Berggruen selected the drawings for the exhibition and contributed the essay introducing these rarely shown drawings in a limited-edition catalogue published by the gallery. Berggruen’s unexpected selection of seven line drawings, created over 66 years of Picasso’s life, reflects his sophisticated understanding of the artist’s relationship to his environment and the variety of mediums with which he worked. The drawings as a collection vividly show the artist’s commitment to the exploration of line, as Berggruen writes:

“Picasso drew incessantly all his life. But drawing for him was not a separate realm of activity. In his work, Picasso blurs the line between different forms of expression such as papiers collés, construction, sculpture, paintings, works on paper, offering proof that a particular set of aesthetic concerns could be expressed in a variety of ways, regardless of established hierarchies. This being said, drawing has an immediacy that greatly appealed to Picasso, and this exhibition shows a selection of works which make use of a fluid, abbreviated or sparse method of recording form. Linear rhythm, placement, articulation and proportion are just some of the options available to the draftsman.

The drawings range from Head of a Woman (1902), executed in a traditional manner, but displaying great technical mastery, to The Turkish Bath (1968), a large, elaborate drawing in which the simple lines nevertheless succeed in giving the sheet the weight of a fully finished composition. Special emphasis is given in the exhibition to the theme of the bathers, a theme developed by Picasso while staying in the South of France in the Twenties. It became a favourite thread in his work, and reworked with feverish activity in such late drawings as La Piscine (1968).“

Olivier Berggruen, born in Switzerland in 1963, studied History of Art at Brown University, Providence, RI, and the Courtauld Institute of Art, London.  He has written articles on 20th Century literature, philosophy and art, and has curated many exhibitions, including Henri Matisse: Drawing with Scissors (2003) and Picasso and the Theatre (2006), both at the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, as well as exhibitions devoted to Yves Klein and Ed Ruscha. Currently, Berggruen is preparing a retrospective of the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat in Santander, Spain, and Rome, Italy. He lives in New York and is married with two children.

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