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On Kathryn Garcia
"Suddenly... Summer "

Nick Stillman for ArtForum
October, 2009

Since the beginning of modernism, popular culture has fetished the artist as bohemian other. The professionalization of the contemporary visual artist's life not withstanding, the stereotype of the starving, lunatic artist endures... (see full article)

On Meg Cranston
"Evil Genius."

Brent Burket at Heart as Arena
17 July, 2008

No. This isn't another Dr. Horrible post. The smart and rocking artist Meg Cranston will be reading from her new books, Good Morning Evil Genius and Hot pants in a Cold Cold World Thursday night at 192 in Chelsea. I went bonkers for her show at Venetia Kapernekas Gallery back in 2006... (see full article)

On Amy Kao
"Amy Kao in New York"

10 July, 2008

NEW YORK—Looking at Amy Kao’s show of drawings, currently on view at Venetia Kapernekas Gallery in Chelsea, is a lot like watching clouds pass overhead on a sunny day. Each work’s surface appears continuous, even homogenous, but close examination reveals forms that evoke a subtly evolving set of interpretations... (see full article)

On Robert McCurdy
"Insane Painting"

Mark Jenkinson at Photography and Imaging 2
6 April, 2008

My friend Rob McCurdy makes these absolutely insane paintings, each takes about a year to complete and you have to see the real thing to believe them. They are part of an ongoing series of commisions from the National Gallery on people who have shaped the 20th century by famous artists (although Chuck Close is the only other painter I can think at the moment who is also working on this)... (see full article)

On Norbert Witzgall
"Norbert Witzgall at Venetia Kapernekas"

James Wagner at
12 March, 2008

Venetia Kapernekas is looking more and more interesting these days. The current show, "wir", is devoted to some hauntingly-beautiful paintings by Norbert Witzgall. There doesn't seem to be any easy way to describe their inspiration, but we get some clues in the large canvas (all of the other, smaller works are on board). In "Sophie Matt" the odd planes of a room which is (almost) dominated by a portrait of the artist Sophie-Therese Trenka-Dalton are hung with Picabia-inspired paintings... (see full article)


On Noritoshi Hirawaka
"O Corpo Fragil"

Brent Burket at Heart as Arena
14 January, 2008

I stopped by Venetia Kapernekas Gallery Saturday to check out Silence in the Light, a collaborative show with Noritoshi Hirakawa, Hiroshi Sunairi, and Arto Lindsay. I knew that I was going to be a sucker for this show because of Arto Lindsay. I'll always hold a special place in my heart for the guy because of his 1996 album, O Corpo Sutil (The Subtle Body). It's one of the most gorgeous, odd, and perfect albums ever recorded... (see full article)

"Art of Darkness"
Steven Kaplan at
30 March, 2008

"Considering those aspects of Armory Week in New York which might be remembered in days to come, I predict Dark Fair will resonate in the annals of art history, and not just for the central conceit of doing it off the grid — of using no plug-in electrical devices or overhead lights at its Swiss Institute venue, instead substituting candles, flashlights, battery powered laptops, kerosene lamps and other glow-in-the-dark initiatives — but for its subversive stance as an anti-fair... (see full article)

"Margo Victor at Venetia Kapernekas "
Art in America
03 November, 2007

"Los Angeles artist Margo Victor's solo debut consisted of stark black-and-white, mostly abstract paintings and drawings, as well as some experimental films. She seems to have been as influenced by cool-jazz album covers, the opening credits for vintage TV suspense and detective shows and Saul Bass's movie credit graphics as she has by abstract painting... (see full article)

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